Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was mistaken...

AF was suppose to show her ugly face on Friday...not Sunday. And guess what...she isn't here. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but I can't help it. And of course now I am thinking about all the "symptoms" I've had a headache for like 3 days, everytime I try to drink I end up sick as a dog (I know I shouldn't drink while TTC'ing but after 2 years of negatives you tend to say F it- especially since you were wasted when you got pregnant with your first!! ) and a few other things. I tested yesterday but forgot about it and ran out for several hours before checking it...so it technically doesn't count.

I swear I see something but then again it was way after the time frame. I'm going out to get another one today. Lots of prayers and baby dust please!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


(Said in my best wrestling announcer voice)

This sunday the evil witch is due. That's right...AF.

Do I think I'm pregnant......nope.

Do I have any hope that I will get a BFP.....nope.

Will I proceed to rip apart the test and stare at it until I swear there is a line....yep. 

Will I buy a 6 (possibly 12) pack of Bud Light Sunday afternoon.....yep.

Will I drink said Bud Light.....yep.

Will I tell hubby that "I'm done" & "get a vasectomy" ....Yep.

Will I mean any of it.....nope.

Will I cry....nope...Oh who am I kidding...I will cry like, well, like a little baby.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Arts & crafts day

Me and Lula took out the bin of arts & crafts stuff I found at Publix awhile back. It was pretty sweet and I only paid like $1.50 for it!! They are sitting on top of the Yuengling in the pic.

Here is what she made with a little help from mommy and a LOT of glue.

She had so much fun! Unfortunately I don't think my table will ever be glue free

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stupid Bills

So we were doing real good on paying down our loans. It got a little crazy and I got a little too involved with Mr. Dave Ramsey but hey...it did work. Just a few months of doing it and our account balance went down. And it isn't like we owe a whole lot...about $26,000 on the vehicles and another $22,000 for my student loan (blech) and of course the house which I'm not even including because we have no intention of paying it off. We should be selling it as soon as we get the cars (possibly the student loan) paid off. That's IT! No credit cards. No personal loans. A tiny $48,000 in debt. I have heard of people who had nearly that much just in credit cards!! *CRAZY!!!*

So now it is back to doing good and paying the stuff off. First is the SUV. I will post the balance somewhere around the first of every month :) Hopefully I will see the difference. As of today we owe:


 That's my ride :)