Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I thought the last one was a doozie...

then this must be a wowzer!! I have never seen one do this. And it happened to be my last one in the I guess I'm waiting either until AF shows up or if my temp raises again I will take the digital I have.

Here is the test from today...not FMU...took it around 10 am and then the picture was right at 11 or so.

It's like it was blocked once it hit the semi circle clue what happened.

And here is my chart showing the dip today in my temp. If it goes back up tomorrow and the next day it could be another good sign. if not then it is on to next month.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Evap lines are of the devil

So ok...I will never be convinced that the "line" I saw yesterday was anything but a true pink baby line...but this one...this one is totally just an evap line. Looks gray and like an indention...

*sigh* At least I can compare the one from yesterday to this one. Which by the way showed up way after the 3 minutes so it didn't suck as bad since I knew that it was invalid.

One step closer

We are officially one step closer to owning a lovely piece of (swamp) land. Lol. We placed a ridiculously low bid and honestly, if they take it, I don't care if it is labeled a swamp on the actual tax map. I want it!!! 3 acres for just about $1000 an acre and we can spend some more on getting it house worthy. Probably as much as we would buying one acre of ready to build land but oh well. It is ours and it will be paid for. We can slowly get it cleared off and built up :) I'm thinking a nice little pond too. Somewhere to put all the water! lol. So I guess we will see tomorrow. I will be shocked if they actually take it but you never know. I have prayed and prayed about this land and it has been sitting there for months. They might just be wanting to be done with it at this point. 

the picture doesn't do the swamp land justice...lmao!

Monday, March 29, 2010

If I'm not pregnant..

then I need to make 2 doctors appointments!! 1 to figure out what is wrong with me!! I am so hungry all the time!! Seriously...I JUST ate...and I feel like I haven't ate all day. That hollow stomach feeling. I've about puked at least 3 times today and just feel odd. And then the second one will be for a shrink...because I am obviously crazy....having all these symptoms and seeing lines...If I'm not pregnant then I must be crazy.

Why yes, of course, I peed on another test

Yep...first thing this morning. And I still swear I see something...and it is more noticeable on the inverted picture today. (to me anyways) Again...both CBFM and Fertility Friend put me at ovulating on CD 14 so that puts me just at 7 DPO..still super early. I really hope I'm not just staring at it until something shows up...and this pic was taking within the 3 minute time thingie..

You have to zoom in....and squint one eye....Lmao.

Here are 2 more outside in the sun. Can you tell I'm bored?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So excited!!

If you know me you know I am a HUGE sex & the City fan!! From Season one I had HBO just to watch the episodes. Even when I was so broke that I just had them turn it on for the season and then shut it off again when it went off! Well...coming in May...Sex and the City 2!!! SQUELLLLL!!!!

Trying not to get my hopes up...

but I think this was our cycle...I think we might have made a baby!! I am just 7 dpo and had (sorry for tmi) bleeding today. I know I had significant bleeding a week before I found out I was pregnant with Lula...I thought it was AF but in hindsight it was implantation bleeding. Soooo maybe....just maybe. Not to mention the cramping and overall crappy feeling (headaches, stuffiness, etc) I think it is still too early to test...but I might anyways! Lol.

For some reason fertility friend backed me up to 6 dpo after I insert today's temp. Which really does match up better to the CBFM since they say you O 24-48 hours after the first peak. And now I will totally tell on myself and my awful POAS addiction...this was today and yesterday. Of course by the time I took the pictures it was way past the test window but the "line" was always there....My head keeps saying that I have Line - itis and that if anything is really there that it is evap but my heart is saying that it is the first signs of BFP. And that I am setting myself up for major disappointment..

and of course you are not a true POASaholic unless you invert it!

yeah...hubby didn't see anything either..and we were on the porch, in the sun and I had ripped the tops off the tests. Lol

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Publix Easter egg hunt...and free baby chicks!!

Oh like you didn't know I would be there!!! Lol. Of COURSE I went! Unfortunately I had my camera and no memory card. Boo. But it was fun. Even with the overzealous parents!! I was really shocked at how some grown people acted and how other allowed their older kids to behave!! But we had fun and thanks to Mr. Zoloft I didn't snap!!

After the easter egg hunt I stopped right next door at the co-op! I had seen they were going to be having a little Springfest thing going on and giving away free baby chicks!! No...we didn't get a chick. Lol. We held them and thought about how cute they were and even called Grandma and pretended that our new baby chick would be coming to live with her!! But in the end we walked away with a  free tomato plant that we came home and planted right away. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

TWW...Cycle 13

Cycle 4 since the miscarriage. I've been doing really good with remembering my temps. There was only 1 day I have forgot so far and I did take it later in the day. It's really amazing how the body works. Verifying the Clear blue Fertility Monitor with the temps is really cool!

Clear Blue had me at Peak on CD 13 & 14
Temps had me O'ing on CD 13!!
Can't get more on target then that. lol. here is my actual little chart. Soooo cool!

So now I am 5 dpo....and feeling things. I guess the most noticeable is the cramping. I would compare it to ovulation cramps. Which from what I understand implantation cramps can feel like that but I think it is still to early for that. I plan on testing April 1st. Which will be 10 dpo. Fingers crossed I get my BFP!!

Pet contest!!

Check out my little brothers puppy and if you have a moment please vote :)

MVP Pet Photo Contest sponsored by BISSELL, maker of pet vacuum cleaners.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The last couple days in pictures.... is Lula eating the cupcake for the Carebear birthday party.

And for the past month my sister and hubby have been leaving little love notes on the dry erase board for each other...I'm going to start keeping up with them. Here is today's. From: My sister...TO: My Hubby....

And to add to that we got an envelope in the mail .....

Look at it closely....And don't you worry. Matt will get her back. Lol.

And now Lula playing with her horses that Uncle Philip gave her. Man...we miss Uncle Philip :( We need to go visit!! Planning a big trip to Huntsvegas for his birthday!!

They are kissing :)

I found this on the counter after I got home from shopping...

It's no big surprise that hubby doesn't like pageants. And the fact that we put Lula in the Easter Pageant coming up is rubbing him wrong. Lmao. Tell me how you really feel honey!!! ;)

And finally...I have noticed that the last 2 weeks or so my diaper stockpile has grown considerably! So here are some new pictures. You can see the totals over in my sidebar :)

The end...:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

April 1st

That is when I'm going to test this cycle. I was going to wait until the 5th when AF is due but I just can't. Plus how awesome would it be to test and get a positive on April Fools Day!?! Yeah...probably not as fun as I'm thinking it is going to be. As I always say...we shall see.


random pic of the post

Lula- St Paddy's Day '08. My baby is a big girl now. :( 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well...we might be buying some land...

It isn't the best piece of land. Kind of looks like it might flood. Lol. But it's cheap enough that we could spend the extra money to buy fill dirt and build our home on it. 3 acres for $6000 can't be beat. At that price I'd rebuild on the poltergeist land..ok..I might have to think about that one for awhile but pretty sure I would go ahead and build on it.

I'm also pretty sure once we fill in all the neighbors houses will flood so we have to take into consideration being hated by everyone..but really...other than that it's PERFECT!!! We went and looked today. In the rain. And will go back tomorrow to check it out after the rain. See how bad it gets. But here are some pics from when Matt & I  went today and he walked around a bit...

Ok...the more I look the more like swamp land it appears *sigh* I don't even know if it's possible to EVER build on anything like matter how much you fill it in. If anyone knows...well, a land guy? lol. let me know. We need to know if this will be worth much much it will take to make it buildable.

*edit* Matt swears the water isn't deep. It is just a LOT of standing water.

CD 13....Holy egg batman!!

Well I wasn't expecting it for 2 more days but....

So this means that I should ovulate within 24-48 hours (Really wish they could get that gap narrowed down to a smaller time frame lol) I'm temping to try to see when I normally ovulate after the monitor detects my LH surge. Hopefully Tuesday morning I will see an increase in my temperature. That would be super cool. To see it actually follow along with the here we are...the next couple days are crucial in the catching of the caffeine, lots of vitamins and nookie!! Lol.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You turn around and the next thing you know they are driving

That's what they say anyways but I never knew it would happen THIS quickly

Matt was moving his project car across the yard...with the lawnmower lol

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Damn you sneaky Kirby man!!!

I was going to put this on my review page but since I want to be a serious reviewer and get my cool free stuff to keep and give away I figured I would post about it here since I didn't technically try it out and I sure as heck didn't get anything to give away!! Oh wait...I guess I could give the sample of dryer sheets he suckered me with and the towel he left when he stomped out in anger.

So it started off and I was actually kind of excited! He had his free box of dryer sheets and was asking questions about what products we purchased for our home. Matt & I both honestly thought that it was something I had signed up for with this new blog venture. Like any of the mom review boards I had visited. As soon as the word came out of his mouth (Kirby) I thought "Oh hell" I was in too deep to retreat at this point. So I this point he knows 1) I am a stay at home mother therefor a one income family and 2) that I have nearly NO carpet in my home. But he keeps going....and honestly my first impression that it was pretty snazzy looking!!

It was very light weight and no doubt it worked. You can tell by all the little test circles he left all over the house for me to clean up. Theses were left on my coffee table. I picked them up and put them in this box to throw out.
and these are still in the spare room. One of the 2 rooms that still have carpet in it that he needed to show me the Kirby magic on.
Thanks guy...really. That's all I need. To have to clean up after my free vacuum. Now is cool. And the shampoo function was nifty and supposedly the only self propelled one out there. I was holding little Brooklyn and was able to whip it around with no problem. Here's the carpet after he was done...
and here it is with Lula's Alabama dinosaur on it. *RAWR*

And it is clean! I'll give him that much.

Then we got down to the nitty gritty....the "dirt" so to speak. The price. Now I've heard they were expensive but never priced them. BOY are they EXPENSIVE!!! $2000!!! Hahahahahaha. yeah...ok. My last car only cost $3500!!! And it drove me to get beer....will this Kirby get me beer? I think not.

The prices went around and Matt really pissed him off with his ebay search. *ouch* a new one online for $600!! And you want me to make payments for 2 years? Lmao. Ok. Well the price went are his little test circles to prove it

The $98 on price #1 was a trade in for our old vacuum which honestly cost Matt $400 so looking at $799 I started actually contemplating purchasing this vacuum!! *Gasp* I know right?! But I also remembered my great-grandmother having her old Kirby from the 50's that was still working the last time I saw it sometime in the 90's!! That speaks volumes. And it IS a good vacuum. Heck...I might put carpet back down if I had that to clean them with!! But regardless...I don't make large purchasing without thinking about it and talking with my husband in private. Well...Mr. Kirby man didn't want to hear that. he packed up and walked out without even leaving his number. I guess we will have to call someone else if we decide to get it...*Note to salesmen: I do realize and know that you are taught that 90% or more of people that don't buy THAT day are not going to buy BUT there is that 10% who honestly think about it and return!! Don't blow that 10% by being a jerk when they ask for that time!!!*

Oh and also...that hour and a half drying time that it is suppose to have for shampooing is a joke. Her is a paper towel put down on the floor nearly 3 hours later. I know it's hard to see but it is still very much wet.

So there you go. The Kirby vacuum is pretty cool and really works! And I would probably pay that much for it with the shampooer. But it won't be from Daryl...or Dwayne or whatever the hell is name was. I guess I would know what it was if he had left his name. .....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More TTC stuff...

Yep..that's right...more stuff that will supposedly help us out. lol. Oh keeps me entertained I guess..

So now we have...the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor, Prenatal vitamins, Liquid geritol (ugh...I have trouble taking this crap..NASTY!!!), Robitussin, pre-seed oil, and Matt has his fertilaid, which he forgot to take with him so he will start those tomorrow. Oh and of course pregnancy tests to drive myself crazy with starting about cycle day 24....*sigh* maybe this will be our month though! And we would be having a December baby. Just like Matt! 

Easter bunny hopping down the trail...... I've mentioned before I have been picking up stuff here and there for Lula's and the nephews easter it's time to figure out how much it all cost :)

Here is all the stuff laid out
And here they are all put together! The Hungry Hungry Hippos game didn't fit so the boys are just going to get handed that one lol.

Awesome!!! So here is the break down as good as I could get it.

Lula's Basket:
Basket & Grass: Free!! From Build A Bear last week :)
Candy:  $2.58
Games(2): $2.15 each -$4.30
 Total: $6.88

The nephews baskets:
Basket & grass: $3.67 each
Candy: $2.58 each
Games (1.5): $2.15 each- $3.23 each
Total: $9.48
Now I have to subtract the (2) $5/20 Rite Aid Coupons I used when I got the stuff from there!! So -$10.00/3= -$3.33 each

Lula's Grand Total: $3.55!!!
Ashton's Grand Total: $6.15!!!
Ethan's Grand Total: $6.15!!!

YAY!!! So $15.85 for 3 rocking easter baskets!!!

My little ladybug....she makes me laugh!

So yesterday I heard Tallulah pushing the kitchen chairs around so I peeked around into the kitchen and saw this....

Her puppy dog Violet had been a "bad puppy" and was in time out. lol. Poor little thing. And here she is triumphantly standing over her while she is punished!!

On another note...I finally got her to eat some vegetables!!

Now if I could just figure out why she will only eat one end of them...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WTH....I don't love you!!

Did that not think we would notice!? Or care?! When did this atrocity happen? What happened to Barney's voice? That is not the Barney I knew!! I noticed it the second we switched it over to PBS. We normally watch other shows (OMG how I love Phineas and Ferb!!) but in an effort to not totally rot Tallulah's brain I switched it over to good ol' PBS yesterday. Only to be shocked today!!

RIP old Barney...

This is almost as bad as when Steve Burns from Blues Clues left the show!! It just wasn't the same. And no...he didn't die of a heroin overdose....he is still alive and kicking and has a band!! Check out his fan page! I will secretly love Steve Burns 4-EVA!!!! Total hottie!!

And yes...I realized it appears that his crotch is thinking about how much he loves me...and I'm ok with that.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I love this silly man! And Kitty Cat meow too!!39 days until our 1 year anniversary. :)


So I started a chart...I guess I could use fertility friend but I just really don't like it. I need something that I can "make" and put whatever I want and just well...just be mine and keep my mind occupied. I am going to start temping now too. But here is the chart so far...

CD 1- 3/9- CBFM low- Light AF
CD2- 3/10- CBFM low -Heavy AF
CD3- 3/11- CBFM low - Med AF- Prenatal
CD4- 3/12- CBFM low - Light AF- BD- Prenatal
CD5- 3/13- CBFM low- Very light AF – BD- Prenatal- Geritol- DH vitamin
CD6 -3/14 – CBFM low- Prenatal-Geritol-DH vitamin

Meh. ok. 

Tallulah is so funny!! She had hit me in the lip playing around the other day and I joked with her that she was a bad baby...well today she took my hand and hit herself and now I am a bad mommy. I guess that's what I get! Oh and she is STILL talking about the Cinderella outfit at Build A Bear. I'm trying to be strong and not cave and buy it but's hard. 

Random Post Picture of the Day

I just entered to win these!! I want them sooo bad! lol. Fingers crossed that I win! If not I might have to just splurge and buy them.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Building my TTC arsenal

So with this being cycle 13 I am hitting it with all I can. I have my Clear blue easy fertility monitor, my soft cups, prenatals and now I have geritol tonic, Robitussin, and have ordered pre-seed oil and Fertilaid for men. Until that comes in Matt is on a daily One a Day vitamin. Whew. Not much else i can do. Lets hope this works! A December baby would be awesome!

PS- Liquid geritol is NASTY!!! Disgusting. Makes me want to puke. It is amazing the things I will do to have a baby.