Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More TTC stuff...

Yep..that's right...more stuff that will supposedly help us out. lol. Oh keeps me entertained I guess..

So now we have...the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor, Prenatal vitamins, Liquid geritol (ugh...I have trouble taking this crap..NASTY!!!), Robitussin, pre-seed oil, and Matt has his fertilaid, which he forgot to take with him so he will start those tomorrow. Oh and of course pregnancy tests to drive myself crazy with starting about cycle day 24....*sigh* maybe this will be our month though! And we would be having a December baby. Just like Matt! 


  1. I sure hope you get your december baby! You totally deserve it...especially since you've been stomaching the geritol!!

  2. Thanks Amy!! You have NO idea how nasty that stuff is!! lol. PS- Make sure you enter my giveaway!!! Even if you don't need it it would make a great gift!