Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well...we might be buying some land...

It isn't the best piece of land. Kind of looks like it might flood. Lol. But it's cheap enough that we could spend the extra money to buy fill dirt and build our home on it. 3 acres for $6000 can't be beat. At that price I'd rebuild on the poltergeist land..ok..I might have to think about that one for awhile but pretty sure I would go ahead and build on it.

I'm also pretty sure once we fill in all the neighbors houses will flood so we have to take into consideration being hated by everyone..but really...other than that it's PERFECT!!! We went and looked today. In the rain. And will go back tomorrow to check it out after the rain. See how bad it gets. But here are some pics from when Matt & I  went today and he walked around a bit...

Ok...the more I look the more like swamp land it appears *sigh* I don't even know if it's possible to EVER build on anything like matter how much you fill it in. If anyone knows...well, a land guy? lol. let me know. We need to know if this will be worth much much it will take to make it buildable.

*edit* Matt swears the water isn't deep. It is just a LOT of standing water.

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