Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The last couple days in pictures....

Sooo...here is Lula eating the cupcake for the Carebear birthday party.

And for the past month my sister and hubby have been leaving little love notes on the dry erase board for each other...I'm going to start keeping up with them. Here is today's. From: My sister...TO: My Hubby....

And to add to that we got an envelope in the mail .....

Look at it closely....And don't you worry. Matt will get her back. Lol.

And now Lula playing with her horses that Uncle Philip gave her. Man...we miss Uncle Philip :( We need to go visit!! Planning a big trip to Huntsvegas for his birthday!!

They are kissing :)

I found this on the counter after I got home from shopping...

It's no big surprise that hubby doesn't like pageants. And the fact that we put Lula in the Easter Pageant coming up is rubbing him wrong. Lmao. Tell me how you really feel honey!!! ;)

And finally...I have noticed that the last 2 weeks or so my diaper stockpile has grown considerably! So here are some new pictures. You can see the totals over in my sidebar :)

The end...:)

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