Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WTH....I don't love you!!

Did that not think we would notice!? Or care?! When did this atrocity happen? What happened to Barney's voice? That is not the Barney I knew!! I noticed it the second we switched it over to PBS. We normally watch other shows (OMG how I love Phineas and Ferb!!) but in an effort to not totally rot Tallulah's brain I switched it over to good ol' PBS yesterday. Only to be shocked today!!

RIP old Barney...

This is almost as bad as when Steve Burns from Blues Clues left the show!! It just wasn't the same. And no...he didn't die of a heroin overdose....he is still alive and kicking and has a band!! Check out his fan page! I will secretly love Steve Burns 4-EVA!!!! Total hottie!!

And yes...I realized it appears that his crotch is thinking about how much he loves me...and I'm ok with that.

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