Saturday, March 13, 2010

Building my TTC arsenal

So with this being cycle 13 I am hitting it with all I can. I have my Clear blue easy fertility monitor, my soft cups, prenatals and now I have geritol tonic, Robitussin, and have ordered pre-seed oil and Fertilaid for men. Until that comes in Matt is on a daily One a Day vitamin. Whew. Not much else i can do. Lets hope this works! A December baby would be awesome!

PS- Liquid geritol is NASTY!!! Disgusting. Makes me want to puke. It is amazing the things I will do to have a baby.


  1. How are Geritol and Robitussin going to help with a baby? I'm confused.

  2. The geritol is a liquid multivitamin that use to boast "a baby in every bottle" Supposedly the mixture is optimal to what someone needs to conceive.

    Robitussin breaks up mucus...well cervical mucus thickens during ovulation and helps the sperm swim better. Robitussin helps not only normal mucus...but cervical mucus. Lol

    It's a bunch of stuff I've picked up over the past year and I figured why not!