Friday, March 26, 2010

TWW...Cycle 13

Cycle 4 since the miscarriage. I've been doing really good with remembering my temps. There was only 1 day I have forgot so far and I did take it later in the day. It's really amazing how the body works. Verifying the Clear blue Fertility Monitor with the temps is really cool!

Clear Blue had me at Peak on CD 13 & 14
Temps had me O'ing on CD 13!!
Can't get more on target then that. lol. here is my actual little chart. Soooo cool!

So now I am 5 dpo....and feeling things. I guess the most noticeable is the cramping. I would compare it to ovulation cramps. Which from what I understand implantation cramps can feel like that but I think it is still to early for that. I plan on testing April 1st. Which will be 10 dpo. Fingers crossed I get my BFP!!

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