Sunday, March 14, 2010


So I started a chart...I guess I could use fertility friend but I just really don't like it. I need something that I can "make" and put whatever I want and just well...just be mine and keep my mind occupied. I am going to start temping now too. But here is the chart so far...

CD 1- 3/9- CBFM low- Light AF
CD2- 3/10- CBFM low -Heavy AF
CD3- 3/11- CBFM low - Med AF- Prenatal
CD4- 3/12- CBFM low - Light AF- BD- Prenatal
CD5- 3/13- CBFM low- Very light AF – BD- Prenatal- Geritol- DH vitamin
CD6 -3/14 – CBFM low- Prenatal-Geritol-DH vitamin

Meh. ok. 

Tallulah is so funny!! She had hit me in the lip playing around the other day and I joked with her that she was a bad baby...well today she took my hand and hit herself and now I am a bad mommy. I guess that's what I get! Oh and she is STILL talking about the Cinderella outfit at Build A Bear. I'm trying to be strong and not cave and buy it but's hard. 

Random Post Picture of the Day

I just entered to win these!! I want them sooo bad! lol. Fingers crossed that I win! If not I might have to just splurge and buy them.

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