Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying not to get my hopes up...

but I think this was our cycle...I think we might have made a baby!! I am just 7 dpo and had (sorry for tmi) bleeding today. I know I had significant bleeding a week before I found out I was pregnant with Lula...I thought it was AF but in hindsight it was implantation bleeding. Soooo maybe....just maybe. Not to mention the cramping and overall crappy feeling (headaches, stuffiness, etc) I think it is still too early to test...but I might anyways! Lol.

For some reason fertility friend backed me up to 6 dpo after I insert today's temp. Which really does match up better to the CBFM since they say you O 24-48 hours after the first peak. And now I will totally tell on myself and my awful POAS addiction...this was today and yesterday. Of course by the time I took the pictures it was way past the test window but the "line" was always there....My head keeps saying that I have Line - itis and that if anything is really there that it is evap but my heart is saying that it is the first signs of BFP. And that I am setting myself up for major disappointment..

and of course you are not a true POASaholic unless you invert it!

yeah...hubby didn't see anything either..and we were on the porch, in the sun and I had ripped the tops off the tests. Lol

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