Monday, March 29, 2010

Why yes, of course, I peed on another test

Yep...first thing this morning. And I still swear I see something...and it is more noticeable on the inverted picture today. (to me anyways) Again...both CBFM and Fertility Friend put me at ovulating on CD 14 so that puts me just at 7 DPO..still super early. I really hope I'm not just staring at it until something shows up...and this pic was taking within the 3 minute time thingie..

You have to zoom in....and squint one eye....Lmao.

Here are 2 more outside in the sun. Can you tell I'm bored?


  1. I do see what you're seeing...and if it's that early then it might be possible...

  2. Aww thanks girl. I am still hoping but I took another one this morning and NOTHING. Nothing I could even pretend to see! lol. Still way early though. So fingers crossed!