Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Evap lines are of the devil

So ok...I will never be convinced that the "line" I saw yesterday was anything but a true pink baby line...but this one...this one is totally just an evap line. Looks gray and like an indention...

*sigh* At least I can compare the one from yesterday to this one. Which by the way showed up way after the 3 minutes so it didn't suck as bad since I knew that it was invalid.


  1. If there is even a hint of the hCG, then it means that you're preggers...I doubt that's an evap line.

  2. for the record, I've taken a record number of BFN tests, and NONE of them have EVER shown a second line, even hours after taking the test. (and yes, I've gone back, dug in the garbage, and looked again just to make sure, lol).

    Also for the record, I had a "dud" test once where NO lines showed up at all. LoL. It happens. Just a defective test.

  3. Really? I hope you guys are right.

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