Thursday, March 18, 2010

Damn you sneaky Kirby man!!!

I was going to put this on my review page but since I want to be a serious reviewer and get my cool free stuff to keep and give away I figured I would post about it here since I didn't technically try it out and I sure as heck didn't get anything to give away!! Oh wait...I guess I could give the sample of dryer sheets he suckered me with and the towel he left when he stomped out in anger.

So it started off and I was actually kind of excited! He had his free box of dryer sheets and was asking questions about what products we purchased for our home. Matt & I both honestly thought that it was something I had signed up for with this new blog venture. Like any of the mom review boards I had visited. As soon as the word came out of his mouth (Kirby) I thought "Oh hell" I was in too deep to retreat at this point. So I this point he knows 1) I am a stay at home mother therefor a one income family and 2) that I have nearly NO carpet in my home. But he keeps going....and honestly my first impression that it was pretty snazzy looking!!

It was very light weight and no doubt it worked. You can tell by all the little test circles he left all over the house for me to clean up. Theses were left on my coffee table. I picked them up and put them in this box to throw out.
and these are still in the spare room. One of the 2 rooms that still have carpet in it that he needed to show me the Kirby magic on.
Thanks guy...really. That's all I need. To have to clean up after my free vacuum. Now is cool. And the shampoo function was nifty and supposedly the only self propelled one out there. I was holding little Brooklyn and was able to whip it around with no problem. Here's the carpet after he was done...
and here it is with Lula's Alabama dinosaur on it. *RAWR*

And it is clean! I'll give him that much.

Then we got down to the nitty gritty....the "dirt" so to speak. The price. Now I've heard they were expensive but never priced them. BOY are they EXPENSIVE!!! $2000!!! Hahahahahaha. yeah...ok. My last car only cost $3500!!! And it drove me to get beer....will this Kirby get me beer? I think not.

The prices went around and Matt really pissed him off with his ebay search. *ouch* a new one online for $600!! And you want me to make payments for 2 years? Lmao. Ok. Well the price went are his little test circles to prove it

The $98 on price #1 was a trade in for our old vacuum which honestly cost Matt $400 so looking at $799 I started actually contemplating purchasing this vacuum!! *Gasp* I know right?! But I also remembered my great-grandmother having her old Kirby from the 50's that was still working the last time I saw it sometime in the 90's!! That speaks volumes. And it IS a good vacuum. Heck...I might put carpet back down if I had that to clean them with!! But regardless...I don't make large purchasing without thinking about it and talking with my husband in private. Well...Mr. Kirby man didn't want to hear that. he packed up and walked out without even leaving his number. I guess we will have to call someone else if we decide to get it...*Note to salesmen: I do realize and know that you are taught that 90% or more of people that don't buy THAT day are not going to buy BUT there is that 10% who honestly think about it and return!! Don't blow that 10% by being a jerk when they ask for that time!!!*

Oh and also...that hour and a half drying time that it is suppose to have for shampooing is a joke. Her is a paper towel put down on the floor nearly 3 hours later. I know it's hard to see but it is still very much wet.

So there you go. The Kirby vacuum is pretty cool and really works! And I would probably pay that much for it with the shampooer. But it won't be from Daryl...or Dwayne or whatever the hell is name was. I guess I would know what it was if he had left his name. .....

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  1. My brother was a Kirby salesman for about a was tough! We had a kirby growing up, it was an awesome vacuum and would probably still have it today if my dad didn't toss it when my step-mom moved in and bought a canister vac that didn't need bags! It's kind of rude that he stomped out and didn't leave you a card or anything...I didn't know that they hired men who acted like 3 year old girls to sell kirbys!