Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter bunny hopping down the trail...... I've mentioned before I have been picking up stuff here and there for Lula's and the nephews easter it's time to figure out how much it all cost :)

Here is all the stuff laid out
And here they are all put together! The Hungry Hungry Hippos game didn't fit so the boys are just going to get handed that one lol.

Awesome!!! So here is the break down as good as I could get it.

Lula's Basket:
Basket & Grass: Free!! From Build A Bear last week :)
Candy:  $2.58
Games(2): $2.15 each -$4.30
 Total: $6.88

The nephews baskets:
Basket & grass: $3.67 each
Candy: $2.58 each
Games (1.5): $2.15 each- $3.23 each
Total: $9.48
Now I have to subtract the (2) $5/20 Rite Aid Coupons I used when I got the stuff from there!! So -$10.00/3= -$3.33 each

Lula's Grand Total: $3.55!!!
Ashton's Grand Total: $6.15!!!
Ethan's Grand Total: $6.15!!!

YAY!!! So $15.85 for 3 rocking easter baskets!!!

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