Saturday, March 27, 2010

Publix Easter egg hunt...and free baby chicks!!

Oh like you didn't know I would be there!!! Lol. Of COURSE I went! Unfortunately I had my camera and no memory card. Boo. But it was fun. Even with the overzealous parents!! I was really shocked at how some grown people acted and how other allowed their older kids to behave!! But we had fun and thanks to Mr. Zoloft I didn't snap!!

After the easter egg hunt I stopped right next door at the co-op! I had seen they were going to be having a little Springfest thing going on and giving away free baby chicks!! No...we didn't get a chick. Lol. We held them and thought about how cute they were and even called Grandma and pretended that our new baby chick would be coming to live with her!! But in the end we walked away with a  free tomato plant that we came home and planted right away. :)

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